Guess It’s Time For You To Try Knitting

Last October I got into knitting and let me tell you, knitting is great. Just absolutely wonderful. It’s addictive, but hey, at least it’s not cigarettes and it’s definitely less expensive than other things I could get into, like cigarettes. I’m serious though, knitting is fantastic. It’s something I’ve always kinda sorta wanted to get into, but never did. Something that seemed timeless and fit that whole old soul young body grandma aesthetic that I’ve tried to replicate. Knitting is difficult though and frustrating and confusing but it’s great.

There are so many benefits of knitting that I didn’t even consider. It just seems like a good idea, a good introverted hobby where you get to make cool stuff like scarves and sweaters. But there’s so many great things about knitting beyond aesthetic or making cool things. The first thing I realized about knitting is that it is so fantastic for your mental health. If you’re someone like me who always needs to be doing something with their hands and can’t sit still or feels guilty for bingeing shows or whatever, knitting is fantastic for you. It’s a passive hobby where you’re just sitting on the couch or in your bed with your needles and your project. It doesn’t require your full attention. It keeps you busy without exerting too much energy. It’s mentally stimulating. It’s relaxing. It makes you feel productive because you are being productive in a way that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Knitting is also great for depression, especially if you get seasonal depression. That’s why I decided to start knitting when I did because I knew once the temperatures dropped and I couldn’t leave the blankets on my couch without shivering that my restlessness would turn into emotional lowness and having something to do while shut in has been incredible.

I’ve made four scarves and a pair of fingerless gloves. I’ve bought so much yarn and I have regular needles and double pointed needles so if I want to do two projects at once I can. It usually takes me a month to complete a project. There’s an endless amount of stitches to learn and projects to make that it’s a hobby that is incredibly cheap and easy to get into. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that explain basic things like casting on which is how you get the yarn onto the needle, and basic stitches and basic projects.

Working on a project in public is really interesting because sometimes people who also knit will ask you about your project and what you are making and who is it for. People are also able to tell if your scarf is homemade. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on scarves I’ve made even though I know they are a little messy, I still feel a sense of pride because I’ve made them. What’s even better than that is making things for other people and seeing others be happy by the thing you’ve spent time and effort creating with your own hands. I’ve made two scarves for friends, one a scarf based on the colors of their favorite sports team and another the colors of the flag that represents their sexual orientation and both were equally excited about receiving the scarf that symbolizes things that make them happy. There are also projects that have a practical value too. The scarves I’ve made have kept me warm this winter as well as the gloves, but there are projects for pillowcases, potholders, coin purses, socks. Really, you can knit anything because technically, when you knit, you’re making a textile. If something requires fabric, you could probably knit it. I would definitely recommend trying it. It’s not an expensive hobby to get into. All you need is a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn. And if you have a pet cat, you are legally required to learn how to knit because it is absolutely true that cats attack balls of yarn. I’ve witnessed this first hand.


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